Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time flies by..

Vivir Moderno
Photo credit : Juan E Martinez
Graphic designer: Angelica (me)

Something a little personal.

I've been taking a graphic design class recently just because I wanted to spread my creativity out a bit more; especially for future projects for the blog and such. The instructor requested we create a photo montage of something we've done, represented us and stood for something meaningful all at once. This November, will be a two year anniversary of my road to becoming a stylist; Beatriz Lubrieta from Ford Models was my first job in wardrobe, hair and makeup! As an aspiring model myself, you need to perfect your craft, learn your body and understand how it moves. I find that studying ballet and other forms of dance when I was younger helped me understand my body movement as I got older, but after experiencing a couple of injuries, I found myself losing touch. This was especially around the time I became very persistent on starting my career. I definitely wanted to finish college first, make my family proud, especially since I would be the first out of all 11 children to graduate college. Big deal from where I come from. Now, as 23,  being just around the corner, the anxiety builds and I worry if I've missed my mark.  Its not something that just comes naturally, its a job and it takes dedication, consistency and most importantly, passion. As you all know, I am all about positivity and living life as if you are in charge of your journey and then your purpose will manifest itself. So I have come to just believing that my time just hasn't come, but  I feel it getting near and I am excited. I write this to you guys because when I was younger I always hid my dreams from everyone because when I did mention it, people jumped at the chance to shut it down and tell me it was impossible, too hard, or that I wasn't good enough, or that I was too old-- I was this and that.. blah blah blah. Of course it hurt and it took a second to jump back from it but I didn't listen. I just kept trying and pushing those people who weren't behind me or didn't support me out of my life because they obviously didn't belong. If you have these kind of people in your life and you find yourself feeling as if negativity is just surrounding you, push it out. Move on with your life to a more positive route and I promise you, it changes in an instant, you start feeling better and your focus is dedicated to solely your dream. Thank you - to my family and all of their unconditional support, my boyfriend who I love so very much, to all those who follow me, having been there from the beginning or not,  thank you for your kind words and of course the inspiration you bring me. Im excited for this journey and hope you guys will stick with me so I can make you all proud! Have a wonderful day!

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