Saturday, October 6, 2012

Central Park Wandering

Vivir Moderno

Vivir Moderno

Vivir Moderno

Zara Jacket and Shoes | Urban Outfitters Top | Victoria Secret Jeans | Coach Vintage Willis Bag | Rayban Sunglasses | Michael Kors Watch 

Well, well - this has been quite some start to our summer weather, I mean Fall. It sure seems like summer, its been like 80 degrees everyday this past week! I'm not complaining or anything but I hate walking out early in the morning when its "kinda chilly" and then 5 hours later - find myself wishing I didn't have so many layers on. But anyway,  Ive probably done way too much shopping for my own good this week, trying to fill up my already filled closet up with more things I probably don't need.  I do have a few plans up my sleeve for the future though, that being some apartment hunting and business planning. Definitely feeling the sense of responsibility to start taking control of my life but at the same time just wanting to stay being free and happy. It seems that I am always doing or wanting to do so much all at once and overwhelm myself with excitement or stress or both.  Im excited for this month though, its halloween - the boyfriend and I have our first ever matching costumes ( i know i know but its simple i promise) and we are going to a concert to see someone we both enjoyed when we were just friends. He was actually the one who sent me one of The Weeknd's songs almost three years ago, so its kind of bittersweet that we can actually see the concert together now as a couple. <3

Photos by : Juan E Martinez

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