Friday, May 11, 2012

Insected Florals

                   (Ted Baker Floral Shorts, Zara Blouse & Shoes, Coach Vintage "Willis" , RayBans Foldable Sunglasses, H&M Rings, ABC Carpet Bracelets, Michael Kors Watch)

As the last of my undergrad school year is coming to a close, Im really starting to get the feeling that what I went to school for isn't going to be the field I end up in. For those of you who aren't familiar, I double major in Psychology & Sociology. I cant deny that I love them, because for one thing it comes natural to me and after studying them closely for four years now, I can truly say it has really helped me in all aspects of my life. But do I see myself in this field as the time is slowly creeping around the corner? I don't suppose. But then again, who really knows what the future holds?
I am a firm believer in anyones purpose manifesting itself as long as you find yourself on a positive route with doing something that you love. One thing I do love is a challenge. Mixing prints has always been something I saw tricky because you cant just mix ANY print. When I saw these shorts, it was probably winter - maybe going into spring, but nonetheless still cold out. I couldn't take my eyes off them, the detail of the floral and insect prints and the quality of these pair of shorts is really breathtaking and so, of course, I purchased them. But what to pair it with was the question. Now as you all know, my new obsession over my Zara heels is well... quite known. Ha ha. I thought pairing these white shorts with a blue (of course - polka dotted) top would make the details of the shorts really obvious.
All in all, the outfit is really beautiful and I feel that taking this risk was definitely worth it. My boyfriend took me to Roosevelt Island for the first time and this is where we stopped to take these. He makes fun of me because I have lived in NY all my life and he was the first person to introduce me to this beautiful little island. Actually, he's never surprised anymore if I've say i've never heard or been to a certain place- "that everyone else knows about". Ha ha whatever. What can I say, I read a lot of books and magazines when I was a kid. ( ::shrugs:: )

All photos taken by Juan E Martinez



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