Saturday, June 2, 2012

Meet Miss Kendal!

                                                           (All photos from PDP's Instagram)

I am so excited for this post ! I've added a new member to the little family I have put together and I cant even express all the feelings of joy that is overwhelming me right now. I had been thinking about adopting for quite some time now and I visited this specific center about 3x's this week since I was so unsure if I wanted to add a puppy or kitten. But as you all know I already have 2 puppies who are chi-shi-poos at home. And since my kitten Khloe is a rescue right from my neighborhood and she didn't have a playmate, I decided on a kitten (and no I didnt name them after the Kardashians, I just really love those names).  So here she is, Miss Kendal. I adopted her from the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington. She is 8 weeks old and was actually a donated kitten from a litter, which means someone had a cat who had babies and they brought them over to the center. I did feel terrible though because we did leave her brother behind, but someone will surely have to take him to a loving home, he was just too cute! I just couldn't take two home it would become too much right now in my itty bitty apartment. But one day soon, I will enjoy going on a search for a puppy my boyfriend and I want to raise together in our new home.
For those of you who are looking to add a new pet to your home and are unsure which is the right route to go, here are my feelings towards two options. I definitely recommend adopting, not only is it a great thing to do, its just such a good feeling for you and of course for your pet knowing you both can be appreciated and loved equally. My opinion towards purchasing a pet from a petshop-- My mom cares for the mama dog to my puppies, she was purchased 6 years ago from a pet shop, and as much as we love her to death, it was definitely the worst experience. There were a lot of complications and she wasn't healthy - this all comes before the cost to me, personally. Money is nothing but health is and it was sad seeing her unhealthy the first month. After that she became pregnant, so thats how I ended up with the two little puppies. My decision in keeping the two little girls was due to just not wanting to give them away to strangers. And Khloe, like I said, we rescued, well my sister Alysia did and said she just walked right up to her in a bbq and picked her up. She thought it would be a great idea to bring her home to me and smother me with her cuteness, so of course I kept her! So think about it, share your stories, pictures, etc! Adopt, its really a beautiful thing. Unfortunately Kendal can't meet the others in the house until 2 weeks, or until I feel shes super comfy with me, so i'll keep you all posted with photos when she gets to meet her three new bestfriends!


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  1. What a beautiful kitten! I admire that you adopted. I visited my local cat protection league some weeks ago and unforch didn't find the right one for me. I have a dog (King Charles Cavalier) so I have to find someone that doesn't mind living with another pet. Hopefully I find my kitty soon because I cannot wait to be a cat lady!