Sunday, May 6, 2012

Floral Peplum

(Zara shirt & skirt, H&M shoes, Michael Kors watch & earrings, ABC Carpet Bracelets, F21rings)

            So everyone knows how popular the peplum skirt is this season and I am really enjoying it myself. I love how the past bandage-fitted skirt is now given this pop of fabric over it, it just gives it more shape in my opinion. I really enjoy the button detailing on the zara blouse, especially the placement of them right at the tippity top of the shirt, it just seems so elegant. Its actually from my fall collection of blouses but its so light and airy that it works great when your not so sure what the weather is going to be like. Particularly this day it was scorching hot, in the high 70s (thank you mother nature!), I was lucky when the wind decided it was time to pass by.
              If you want to discuss this massive amazing fishtail, we definitely can. I’ve been finding myself really frustrated with my hair lately. Its in its weird state of growing out from the layers I had and trying to find its way not to stay straight and behave like I want it to. So to somewhat calm my nerves I just throw it in a braid and poof I get compliments as if I took hours on it. Then I give the blank stare and give the ‘are you serious, I didn’t even do my hair this morning’ look, thank them & explain the truth – and I get the look back like ‘what a liar’ with a confused laugh. Sigh. The stress us women have to go through. Haha. I know you get what I’m saying this happens to everyone!
             These mint and orange H&M shoes are oh so comfy, they have rubber bottoms and are perfect walking shoes, don’t judge by their height, trust me. I wasn’t so sure if I liked them initially but I am pleased to say that now, after seeing them through the photographs, the colors work really well together. They are pretty versatile which makes it easy to wear them dressed up or dressed down. I think what really wins me over is how comfy they are, its really hard finding shoes that are over 4 inches to be easy to wear. Im always running around and having a shoe that dosent resemble a sneaker but can still look chic is really important to me, especially for the summer. I think you can tell exactly who I am by them because I love color, design and an all around a comfy but chic shoe! Share this post, favorite the outfit and VOTE for PDP in the "Show us your Sole" by Solestruck competition on Chictopia <3

Photos by: Juan E Martinez



  1. Looking great dear ! Love your blog and style !
    Followed you and would love if you check my blog and follow back if you like :)


  2. Wow such an amazing look love the skirt is beautiful!

  3. you look lovely! super cute blog! xx

  4. You look so pretty. And I'm basically in love with your hair and your skirt, so nice !!

  5. Gorgeous skirt!