Saturday, May 5, 2012



This past week has been a pretty exciting week. I put up two new posts, one in particular that made a huge feature on the homepage of Chictopia (I was like a little kid jumping up and down in a candy store). Lately I have been trying to spend a little more time with my kids, (my four dogs and kitten). Its been a challenge, to find the time and then getting them all in the car and heading to the park. It gets done - after help from my little brother and sister and my boyfriend (YES, 4 people.) There isn't enough eyes and hands even after all that! I really truly love them all and they have a blast running free without being held by anyone. Its becoming a weekly thing and they can run off for about an hour or so and they come back, lay on the blanket and rest their heads on my legs, its pretty adorable. My kitten on the other hand, well she dosen't get to run as freely as she'd like BUT she does get supervised grass time. Its really a great time spent, I get to spend quality time with all parts of my family. We all definitely get a huge workout, grab some food and end up going home to take some catnaps.
If you know me pretty well, you know two of my favorite foods are corn and pickles. My boyfriend and I went to the fair on Lexington Ave and of course I was just stuffing my face! From funnel cakes to corn on the cobs to lemonade to kettle corn to PICKLES! Its the only time I can be really unhealthy and go crazy. Which led me to having two, super buttery corn on the cobs, taking home two pickles, two bags of kettle corn and butter popcorn. My boyfriend turns to me and always ask, "are you really going to eat all that? - my excuse : "Im bringing some home for my mom and everyone else." Ha- they never see it. OK- maybe the popcorn. 
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