Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Weekend at Cape May

1. The way Athena likes to take car rides.
2. One of the renovated but still Victorian home.
3. Our bedroom details.
4. Many porch chairs.
5. The antique store that never opened when I went to visit. I still window shopped.
6. A part of the Southern Mansion we visited.
7. One of the horses from our horse carriage tour.
8. Too many bikes for photos in this town.
9. Little kids.
10. Shoesies and horseshoesies.
11. Inspiration.
12. Peaceful cottage backyard.

This past Labor Day I spent the weekend with my family at Cape May, New Jersey. We rented a home for the weekend, at first I was skeptical since I knew nothing of the town and now I can say it was probably the best way we could have experienced it. These photos are just part 1 since they are just my iphone photos, there are even better ones. This little town couldn't have had more history and life to it. All of the Victorian inspired homes had my jaw to the ground everytime we passed one. I know the weekend was to spend time with each other but I couldn't help but have my phone in hand at all times. Everything was so vintage and inspiring, I truly find myself missing it now.

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