Monday, August 27, 2012

Teeny Bits

1. Quote that represents my state of mind.
2. Found the Ferrero Rocher Box with coconut in it! 
3. This little girl loves to be carried around in basically anything as long as she's able to cuddle.
4. The new fall additions to my shoe collection from See By Chloe and Giusseppe Zanotti, which will be shared soon! 
5. Athena- totally exhausted from being stuck in traffic.
6. Had bowls with food and water for her underneath our chairs as we sat outside Dumont Burger for dinner.
7. Juan and Athena sitting outside of Dumont Burger.
8. Athena and I, westbound in the city on our way to the doggie park. Made a pitstop in Beacons Closet right behind us :)

Hi. Hi. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, mine was full of catching up with laundry, household chores and celebrating a cousins birthday. Its crazy how a one bedroom apartment can get so messy and sometimes I wonder how it even starts. I decided to take a break from it all on Sunday to take a relaxing day in the city. I believe I was in the city for an entire week straight, thats a world record in my book.  I've been finding myself to be throwing on a lot of black and white lately, I think my mind has officially decided that summer is over. The slick back ponytail seems to be the easiest and quickest thing to style my hair with and im not complaining, it takes 5 minutes compared to the 2 hours it takes me to blow it out and straighten or curl it. Taking Athena out to the city was not easy as always, she's so tiny and the many thousands of feet seem to distract her so much she forgets how to walk. With some patience though, we took her to her first doggie park and she basically kept sitting up on the benches while I showed some love to the other dogs. Oh well, we had fun. I hope she'll get used to it soon, were going to try every weekend until she seems comfortable. This weekend coming up were taking another family vacation and Im pretty excited because its a super historical and vintage town (i wont share just yet). We are renting this beautiful victorian house right on the beach and I just cant explain enough how im bursting inside.

All photos can be seen on my instagram : Vivir Moderno

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