Monday, July 16, 2012

Striped Pals

Me: Zara Shirt, Zara Sandals, Victoria Secret Denim Shorts, Rayban Sunglasses, Michael Kors Watch
                                                                          Athena: Creative Yoko Dress

Just getting back into the swing of things is pretty hard after spending a week away from the real life responsibilities and instead spending it lounging by a pool by day and experiencing uncontrollable laughter with family by night. The family vacation photos may or may not be shared, I am still trying to decide. Having each and every single one of my family members who attended complain about what they look like in this/or that picture.. might be annoying enough to make my decision pretty easy.  So to do a little catch up: I am juggling a summer class I decided to take up (which I am actually really excited about), working, avoiding a laundry catastrophe in my apartment and trying my best to enjoy whatever summer mother nature decides to be generous with. This is all now leading to my apology for my lack of posting, so sorry.
Now as far as this little photo op, it deserves an explanation. Unfortunately, a few days ago I decided that Athena's sister, Tokyo (as you all are familiar with if you follow my Instagram), she needed a home in which would strictly care for her only. As much as this was a heart wrenching decision, I knew it was what was best for her. A very close and special friend of mine decided to welcome her to a loving home, so I am very pleased. Its been a few days but she's doing well. She wasn't getting along with Kendal (newly added kitten) and she never got along with Khloe (my first rescued cat) so those were other issues she dealt with. Athena, as you can imagine, has been taking it okay, to say the least, so she's been spending a lot of quality time with me. I hope to still have playdates so they can see each other and not forget that they are sisters (they turn 2, Sept. 3).
I have another mini vacation time coming up this week, so follow me on instagram for daily updates.


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