Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This past week has been a very eventful one. I visited a couple of new places that I'd love to share with you all. That delicious looking burger up there is from Bareburger. Definitely loving the "green" decor with its recycled barn ceilings to fallen tree truck table tops, to its amazing delicious all natural & organic menu! Second, my boyfriend, knowing my two loves being vintage and icecream- couldnt have picked a better place to take me. We visited Eddies Sweet Shop in Queens and it was the best chocolate milkshake ever! First off: the classic-vintage, icecream parlor atmosphere was truly inspiring- it seems as if it never changed. He then decided, why not add her third love - CANDY! And boy did he make all my childhood memories come back to life - he took me to Emily Sugar Rush in Forest Hills (super cute candy boutique). From sugar babies to candy buttons to pop rocks to pixie stixs etc - they have it all. Lets just conclude that I ended up taking a bunch of candy home, using the excuse that ill share (psh yea right, but he fell for it. hehe <3 )

Oh, and that cool looking fella up there with the mohawk, thats Bentley. 

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