Thursday, April 12, 2012


This month I assisted in styling wardrobe, hair and makeup for FORD's Olivia Gordon, with Photographer: Juan E Martinez . I must say its pretty hectic shooting on location, especially when your hauling luggage and equipment around as if your moving in somewhere. The best thing to do is stay positive, even when the weather begins to change its mind. In our case, the forecast was bright and sunny until mother nature decided she wanted it to rain, cutting our time slot a little short. I still feel like the end product was amazing.

For this shoot, I really wanted to shoot with some Spring color. The day was gorgeous, not too hot, but still had the perfect wind for some natural movement. I really wanted to emphasize on the trends this spring: Pastels, Neons and Prints, seriously too much to handle at times. I get overwhelmed walking into stores nowadays, hence my obsession with shopping- online. My focus on hair and makeup was as natural as possible. Spring and summer months for me, really show peoples true beauty. You start off super pale coming out of winter and then get your natural glow once the sun starts hitting. I'm not a big makeup person myself, as much as I enjoy doing everyone else's, my personal choice rather is the least makeup I use the better.


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