Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You see the bridge looking thing between the buildings, well they call that the MJ Suite (he was the 1st to stay in it. And oh yeah if your wondering, it's $25,000/per night. :O

so I obviously had to give Atlantis its own posting! -- Our fifth day on our cruise we got the chance to do a shore excursion for a full day at the Atlantis Resort. It was beyond words. The weather was perfect for it, at about 90 degrees that day. There were so many beaches and pools and slides and aquariums and the casino and the hotel-'oh my! I think we went on every slide/ride at least five times each. If I were to have the choice to visit the Bahamas again I would stay at the Atlantis Resort and then after that visit the one in Dubai (hah, like that'll ever happen lol).

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