Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wild Blossom

All Saints "Blossom Parachute Dress"(Get it here).All Saints Tresori Matinee Necklace (Get it here). Steven Madden Boots. Forever 21 Jewelry.

I found myself running in the fields, arms spinning and feeling free in this dress. It reminds me of something maybe Taylor Swift would wear (btw huge fan!). I really appreciate her as a person and her artistry but besides that - her and I have a ton in common. One of those things being our love for vintage. Yes, I know this outfit is totally contradicting this statement BUT it does look like something maybe her stylist would have picked out for her.. maybe for a performance on stage for her song "Mean"....? Okay, enough about my rant on Taylor, more on this dress. I know when I first picked it up off the rack, I just wondered where in the world do you stick your head through, it just looked confusing to me. But as I put it on and felt how comfortable it was and how the structure just draped perfectly, I really couldn't wait to take it out for a test run. Im also really pleased with the pairing of the military boots, it needed that grunginess since its such a dramatic dress. The necklace is such a statement piece, I might just find myself wearing it with a white tee and boyfriend jeans!

All photos taken by : Juan E Martinez


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