Saturday, January 14, 2012


This past week I visited Stowe, Vermont for work. It was the most peaceful place to be and the weather added to its tranquility. I laid out by the heated outdoor pool while the snow storm was happening, this was definitely the first time I experienced this and I thought it was just so relaxing. I also really appreciated the interior design in the hotel I was staying at. The different fireplaces really caught my attention besides the antique furniture in each room. They had a really cozy feel to the rooms and the lounging areas.
I was instagram-ing a lot of my photos so forgive the poor quality on some. Overall, I would go back again and maybe next time, besides going on the horse sleigh, I'll get the confidence to go snowboarding. Anyway, I was really happy that my flight was right before the weather was said to get worse and as you can see Im back in NYC, but not for long!


  1. what's the name of the place you stayed at? so cute

  2. TopNotch Resort :) totally recommend it !