Saturday, October 8, 2011

"You may delay, but time will not. " - B.F.

Benjamin Franklin is right on that one. Time is of the essence, grab hold of it and take flight. With my schedule, its impossible for me to find any time to shop or look around with ease, let alone ANY down time. I was in Soho this week and stopped at a vendor whose table was full of these amazing pieces! I always say quality over quantity, ALWAYS. These pieces are elegant, simple but insanely complicated at the same time. By investing in classic timeless pieces, you are in fact investing in yourself. Less is always more so wearing just this as the main component to an outfit is amazing. How could I forget about the leather messenger bag, phenomenal or what? Im in love with the vintage direction, completes a look to perfection.


  1. those watches are awesome!!!!!! in love with those!

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